Initial Training

ACM Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
16 Hours

The 2-day training course is required for maintenance professionals who may be disturbing ACM during short-term, small scale maintenance activities. Topics for the course meet the requirements specified by EPA, OSHA, MDE, and Virginia, as applicable.

Refresher Training

ACM Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
4 Hours

This refresher course is for individuals who have completed the initial 16-Hour Operations & Maintenance course.  This course reviews of topics originally presented in the initial course such as asbestos and its uses, health effects, engineering controls, respiratory protection, and work practices. This course features a presentation of new developments in government regulations.

Topics Include

Physical characteristics of asbestos
Potential health effects related to asbestos exposure
Employee personal protective equipment
State-of-the-art work practices as they apply to O&M activities
Emergency response procedures to fiber release episodes
Personal hygiene
Additional safety hazards
Medical monitoring
Air monitoring
Relevant Federal, State, and local regulatory requirements, procedures, and standards
Establishment of respiratory protection programs

Class Format

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